Vegetarian Mega Bag – 1KG


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A massive selection of our favourite vegetarian sweets – selected and packaged by us, especially for you.

Contains approx:
50g Flying Saucers
50g Chocolate Limes
50g American Hard Gums
50g Jelly Beans
50g Strawberry and Creams
50g Lemon Bonbons
50g Toffee Bonbons
50g Apple Bonbons
50g Blue Raspberry Bonbons
50g Chocolate Jazzies
50g White Chocolate Snowies
50g Dracula Teeth
50g Jelly Meerkats
50g Fizzy Cola Bottles
50g Kola Cubes
50g Giant Strawberries
50g Pineapple Cubes
50g Original Pear Drops
50g Fizzy Cherries
50g Sour Apples

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